November 17, 2007

Missing in Action

It's been so long since I've been on here to blog. My last entry was in March of this year.

Funny how time can pass you by but always has a way of reminding you what day it is.
Where do I begin?

For starters, I moved out of my fathers place in April. A few months before my graduation ceremony and I currently live in Brooklyn.
I left my job at the investment firm because the pressure and stress became unbearable. I've been working as a teacher for a reading development program and take frequent trips out of state to teach. I was accepted into the NYC teaching fellows program, which will allow for me to work as a NYC Public school teacher next fall. The program offers me a Master's degree in my area of teaching. I absolutely love teaching and really enjoy this career. I also work privatley with students, in a tutoring fashion, when I'm not in the classroom.
My Coco Puff and I are still going strong, This month marked us 2 years and 5 months together.

I'm still a Diva and I've kept the weight off. I recently started a vegetarian diet to assist me in losing even more weight. My new goal is 150 pounds
I'm sure I could go into every detail of what has been going on since I've been away from the bloggersphere, but thats not necessary.

I hope to be back regularly and visiting everyone's blogs often, but my schedule is extremely busy and can only do my best.


Wendy said...

You have been missed as well. I check here daily to see if you have posted. I am so proud of you! I see you have been busy I understand, but don't stay away so long.I'm glad you and CP are doing well and everything is falling into place for you. Continued blessings little sis. Until soon...:-)

lyre said...

Ditto! I am still loving you My little bean. Look at you! Teaching in Brooklyn no doubt! I am so proud! I pray you'll continue to post. Keeps me on top of things reading your blog. :-) I checked a paper journal I started 2 years ago that said i want to be 150 lbs and not hovering between 180 and 185. here i am today hovering between 180 and 195. Sigh. AND I AM A VEGETARIAN! good luck on your diet. Wish you were in florida so i could have an exercise buddy and diet sponsor. I just am addicted to cokes!

JenellyBean said...

Sister Wendy,

You touched my heart with that one. Knowing that you were looking out for me makes coming back so much more worthwhile.

I will be around more often. Not daily like before, but I'm aiming for weekly at least.

Thanks for the blessings.

Hey B,
You know I'm lovin you too.

You of all people know that we keep in touch away from here, so don't use my lack of blogging as a reason to keep you away.

Starting this vegetarian diet has been a really uniuqe experience for me, but I'm greatful for it. I didn't know you were a Veggie Diva too.

If you want to get down the weight Mama, you can. Why don't you join the community that I'm in? I sent you the link to my diet blog, check it out and snoop around the site and see what it has to offer.

fallen angel said...

that is PHENOMENAL! congratulations on all your endeavors jenelle!

H. Bunnie said...

welcome back!!!


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