November 20, 2007

A Weekend to Remember

My weekend has been great, in comparison to last week.

Let me tell you all the story......

Last Week Friday I go the Airport to board my flight to WV. My flight was supposed to leave at 4:10 but was delayed 4 hours due to mechanical problems. Thank God they found the problem on the ground and not up in the air!

When it was 7pm and we were still sitting in the airport I knew I was going to miss my connection flight from Cincinnati because my connection flight to WV was leaving at 750pm.
If I missed my connection flight what was I going to do?!?!? I had to be in WV that night (Friday) in order to make it to my classes on Saturday. My first class on Saturday begins at 930 am!

I asked the attendents in the airport what options I had, knowing that I was going to miss my connection flight and they informed me that there was a connection flight to WV from Cincinnati the next day (Saturday) at 1240 pm. Well that doesn't help me at all!

I was forced to cancle all 3 of my classes for Saturday. I was soo upset and angry, but there was nothing I could do. My supervisor made the arrangements to cancle my classes and contacted all the parents.

We didn't leave NY until after 8pm and the whole plane load of passengers missed their connection flight when we got to Cincinatti, OH.on Friday, the only other option I had to get to WV was to take a connection flight from Cincinnati on Saturday.

Delta Airlines had to put everyone up in a hotel for the night and they put us in the Marriott (now thats what I call great accomodations).

I leave the next afternoon and arrive in WV at 130. I get the keys for my rental car and go to get my luggage.....

I wait....

and wait....

and wait.....

My luggage never comes!!!!!


Ofcourse the attendents have no idea where it is, because it was never scanned in, like its supposed to be!

I leave and get to my hotel, stressed, in the same clothes I had on yesterday, and no luggage.
I call the baggage claim every 2 hours to see if they have any news of my things and it wasn't until about 10 pm that my luggage was found.

Thank God!

This weekend went smooth. Flight left on time, caught my connection flight on time, all my luggage was here and I've been blessed!

How was your weekend?


fallen angel said...

oh my goodness!

Wendy said...

I always say don't ask "What else can go wrong?'"or "Can things get any worst?" Because they can. LOL...I haven't flown in a minute now. I drive everywhere. Glad you made it back safely.

Stephen Bess said...

Good to see you in these parts. Happy holidays!

lyre said...

Happy thnakgiving my friend.


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