November 25, 2007

On the Road again...

I've always been a fast girl....
I've always looked older then I am...
I've always been grown for my age....
Being fast, looking older and being grown AIN'T EASY!

Well, I'm 22 and I moved out on my own in April. It's been an interesting few months and since I've left home I've moved twice. I'm on my third move now.

I have until December 1st to get out of my new place and into a new place. My girl and I are stressed out over this moving thing because, we had found a nice cozy place to move into, but then things got all screwed up because of a ridiculously strict landlord who decided she didn't want to give us the place anymore due to her lack of communication with her son who was our main means of communication.

All dealings on our end were done through him.
We called him
We asked him questions
We signed the rental agreement with him.
Everything was done with him.

But his mother seemed to be the puller of all strings and called me and asked me questions that my answers could not satisfy - I assume - because she told her son to call me and tell me the deal was off.


Lord please forgive me

I don't know what else to call her.... we have less then a week to get a new place and that's a hard thing to do in NY.......


lyre said...

OH NO, my Jenel. Homeless in NY is not a good thing. I have cousins girl. Let me know if you need them.

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Mama!

I really appreciate that.

The Lord is blessing me and things are pulling through.

I'll know more tomorrow.

fallen angel said...


Lord please forgive me

I don't know what else to call her...."


i'm sorry, i cannot help it. this is funny...

Wendy said...

I'm sorry J.I know NY is different but I thought a lease was a contract everywhere.I know things are craZy just keep us posted. Sending up prayers for you.

Barbara Doduk said...

Best of luck, you seem like a tough cookie and you will surely find yourself a home.

Veronica Wright said...

where are you girl! hope all is well!


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