August 28, 2008

Teachers are the Worst Students

When teachers get together they don't know how to behave.

It's the oddest thing you've ever seen...

Teachers don't often have to be students, but there's those few times a month when you must be the student and the principal is the Head Master.

Now me, I'm a nerd when it comes to learning things. I'm alert, attentive, and I'm staring the speaker dead in the eyes. I'm not the typical teacher.

My principal, is a very nice lady and she means business. During our faculty conference today we were going over all of the staff information that we need for the year. It was a packet of papers about an inch thick so you wanted to listen.

To keep from calling any teachers out, she told all of us as a group to close the packet until she was ready to go over it, but some teachers were hard of hearing and they kept reading and reading.

She finally had to call someone by name, just like teachers do in a classroom when the person you keep given chances to, is just not listening.
And what do you think the teacher did? The same thing the kids do -- get an attitude and talk back.

Only thing is, this is a grown woman, a teacher.

There were teachers giggling amongst each other and the Principle, had to stop and give them "the look". You know what look I'm talking about, the one where the teacher doesn't even open her mouth, but you know you got caught and you're soo embarrassed.

This one Ladies conversation got so loud that the Principle asked her what was catching her attention so much that she felt the need to interrupt. This teacher and the Principle went back and forth for a few awkward seconds.

I sat there in amazement.


Anonymous said...

So sweets am tryin 2 remember this quote made by one guy, had to use it as a prompt for an essay yesterday in class but i can't remember the guys' name but it goes something like this. Modern education has not achieved great results because seldomly do the teachers ever try to teach for the future but rather they try 2 preserve the past and teach in the same conservative manner as of old. I really wish i coudl remember what it said lol. Nice post though

Veronica Wright said...


the more thigns change the more they stay the same huh? or people I should

JenellyBean said...

Hey Anonymous!

I always try to teach for the future because theres no way to get through to these children using old school ways, pun intended.

They have too much stimulation out there for someone to lecture them all day.


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