August 29, 2008

The Tight Spot

I live in Brooklyn, NY and parking is ALWAYS an issue here.

In most places there is a period of time during the day (1.5 hrs) where you can't park on that side of the road at ALL so that the street sweeper truck can drive by that side of the street and sweep or suck or water the side of the road. This takes place 4 weekdays during the week (in most places).
To give you a better understanding, take my street for example. On Side A you can't park there on Mon and Thurs from 8am -930am. You have to move your car and find a spot somewhere else. You won't find a spot on Side B, because its filled with cars. If you go within 3 blocks North, South, East, West, they all have the same restriction on Side A, so you are assed out!

On my street Side B has this parking restriction on Tues and Fri. If you are parked on the side during the cleaning time, you will get a $115 ticket!

I say all that to say this....

For as long as I can remember the streets surrounding schools were designated parking for teachers. There are no teacher parking lots like there are in smaller towns, so teachers must park on the street. Because its imperative that a teacher get to work at 7:45 and equally important they must park in the area, the Department of Education (DOE) has alloted parking permits to all teachers giving them priviledge to park on the street around the school. Noone else can park there without the appropriate teacher permit, otherwise they face an immediate ticket.

Guess what?!?!?!

The DOE is giving out 5 permits per school this year!

There are 80 teachers in my school! What are we all supposed to do??

We have to be to work no later then 745 am. The people living in the community won't be going to work for another hour or so. So they are all parked. If there are spots, trust that they will be on the side where you have to move it for street cleaning. There is NO WAY to leave your class to go and move your car!

Even if you could, theres no way you'd find parking within a 3 block radius all around!!!

This is sooo not cool!
IDK what I'm gonna do this year...


Eche said...

So who are the 5 teachers who will get the 5 permits sweets??
Hope is not eyt lost u might get one for urself lol..

JenellyBean said...

Hey Eche!

Honestly I don't know, but being the new teach on board, I highly doubt it will be me.

I would love it if I could, I'd even bribe someone, but I doubt it will be me.


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