September 4, 2008

Hi, may I speak to....

I made my first phone call home to a parent today.

It wasn't a bad call either. I called to tell the mother how delighted I was to have her son in class. I explained how he is very studious, NEVER gives me any trouble, pays very close attention, follows directions very carefully, and NEVER disrupts class.

I've read the profile on this child and if what he's exhibited in class is true, he's been misrepresented. Apparantly he has emotional disturbances and becomes very violent when frustrated. He's behind in reading and math and has difficulty staying focused.

The files must be mixed up because this is hardly the case. He had one of the highest scores on my math test. Of all the children, he's received the most behavior stickers, and he's read 9 books and completed 9 book reviews and its only the 3rd day!

How can this be??

His mother was very very very happy to hear about his performance in my class. She says he does enjoy my class and he must really like me.

What does that mean?


Anonymous said...

Lol @ he really likes me..
Hmmm he might have a crush lol and that might make him want to do extremely well in your class

JenellyBean said...

LOL @ crush!

He made me a card on Friday and it said, "I will behave" and it was nicely decorated and everything.

I put it on my desk

Veronica Wright said...

He might have lil crush on you!!!

JB you seem like you're an excellent teacher and you will only get better as time goes on!

Keep up the good work! :-)



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