September 5, 2008

Wheeeew! Week 1 down 42 to go

This week was great! (I know thats hard to believe given the issues I faced, but after reading the IEPs (Individual Education Plans) of all of my students I must admit they did great!

One of my students, was my student of the week! He read 9 books and wrote 9 book reviews, he completed ALL his work without being told over and over and over. He managed to earn enough stickers to complete his row on our behavior chart and he completed all homework assignments.

Today, (my very aggressive student from a previous post) had no tantrums, participated in EVERY lesson including math (I made modifications for him and he loved it! This week he only had 2 tantrums out of the four days and he too has read 9 books and has completed 9 book reviews (Wow!)

Another student is such a sweet heart (but has serious mental delays) and because I know she has serious difficulty writing I found a penmenship book and with the help of my paras, we are having her practice her capital and lowercase letters. She was really really really really working hard today. I also notice, if you ask her a question very slowly without using vague vocabulary and look her directly in the face she will give you accurate answers. For instance, during our math lesson, I asked very slowy and pointed to the numbers on the number line, "Student..... what number.... comes... BEFORE 7?"

She says, "Six"

"Student..... what number.... comes... AFTER7?"

She says, "Eight".

During our Science lesson (living and non living things) I asked "Student.... is this cup.... LIVING.... or NON LIVING?"

She says, "NON LIVING"

I asked, "Student.... why is this cup... NON LIVING?"

She says, "Non living?"

I say, "Yes, its non living,...but tell me... why it is non living...."

She says, ".... it doesnt eat?"


Today we did a science project, we planted lima beans and everyone was engaged!! They all behaved very very well... they love to be engaged.

I notice I have to do a read aloud after lunch to calm them all down. I choose a book with a msg that relates to issues they are having. Day 1-the brand new kid ( i had a new student to the school. Day 3 Mr. Noisy (they are not using inside voices) Day 4- some book about a red strawberry and a mouse who didnt want to share (they are having difficulty sharing and working together)

Each morning we have a meeting where we discuss things and I make announcements. We have a daily affirmation and we discuss what it means and they tell me how they plan to live up to it. Day 2- I am GREAT! Day 3- I am AMAZING! Day 4- I will respect my classmates.

I can go on and on and on... but wait, one more thing.

My four 3rd graders had a spelling test today (I told them I will give them notecards of their spelling words on Monday and they will get a spelling test every Friday). They did peer editing and three of the four got 100s!

I love my kids!


Anonymous said...

Lol awwwww this is nice.
And there is a certain joy knowing your impacting knowlegde into them. It's a give and take relationship because as the teacher you can also learn from them and they learn from u.

Veronica Wright said...

I said it before and I'll say it again. We need more teachers like you out here that really want to see the children do better and to succeed!!!

JenellyBean said...

Hey Anonymous!

I definitly learn from my kids all the time. They are constantly teaching me that they are hurting inside and that they need so much love.


Hey Vee!

Thanks. I appreciate what you say... I want my kids to succeed but they don't know how to let me in. I'm fighting to get into their hearts. I'm fighting really really hard.


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