December 11, 2008

Teacher Blues

Is screaming and yelling the only way to get children to listen or sitdown or to stop fighting?

I'm sure there has to be other ways.

You get so tired of being creative sometimes you know?

You get so tired of all the attitudes.

I have some students that are sooo rude. They talk like sailors and they treat you with no respect. They talk back, they suck their teeth, they look you in your face and tell you "No!"

And I'm sooo nice to them. I give them gifts and prizes and snacks and rewards for evertything.

You leave at the end of the day and you're dragging yourself.
You wake up in the morning and feel like you never slept.

How can such a rewarding job be so draining?


Stephen Bess said...

That one child that you've touched -- That's the reward. The others may think of your encouraging words or extra effort later or not, but there is that one or two.

Veronica Wright said...

stop with the treats for a while for the bad ones and even when they behave still dont give them any...everyone has their bad days..even children but show them that they have to be consistent with their behavior in order to be rewarded. and I agree with Stephen Bess.

you can't make a difference with all of them but there may be a few in the class that you are actually making a big impact just never know until later.

p.s. check out my poll. :-)

lyre said...

Be consistent with consequences. BEing nice is great, but mama gotta break out the whip every now and then.

JenellyBean said...

Very true Brother Stephen, I tend to forget that I can't save them all because I care about them all so much.

It's difficult working with children with such bad attitudes and then they have disabiliites on top of that.

Beryl said...

Things could be worst. You could have an unsupportive principal like Shana. Check this out

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Jenelly! Been WAY too long! Since when did u get into teaching? HAven't you heard that a teacher's reward is in heaven?;-)

Teaching has got to be one of the most challenging and demanding professions around, but without them, knowledge--both good and bad--is not imparted. Keep the fire burning, and remember that if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger!

Incidentally, my "reflecting exccentric world of e.k.bensah" is now on

Plenty hugs your way!xx

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

actually, it's


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