January 12, 2009

Student Profile

What do you do when Mom doesn't know what to do because her son is no different at home then he is in school??

She claims she's tried it all and nothing is working.

I feel I've done so much already and continuously work on being even more creative in order to capture this student's interest but he won't do ANY work.

Here is my student, to protect his privacy, we'll call him Tyrone:

Tyrone is the type of child who can’t seem to conduct himself appropriately in the classroom setting. Tyrone is very easily distracted and he often finds ways to distract himself. Every 2-3 minutes I find myself redirecting Tyrone from the top of the classroom. He will play with any and everything around him: his pencils, erasers, random paper, and when he can, he will distract other students. He has very low confidence and this fuels a lot of his class time disruption. On any given day Tyrone will entice other students to play with him. From there he will run around the room in order for the students to chase him and he will scream and yell. When he’s really ready to play, Tyrone will go as far as running out of the room and yearn for a chase from a classmate which will excite him so much that he ends up running around the whole school screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs. When noone will play with him because they don't wish to engage in inappropriate behavior, he runs out of the room anyways. It's gotten so bad that I teach at the door to keep him in the room. He even tries to leave when we play games as a class and during independent free time.

He never completes assignments without constant encouragement and redirection. Tyrone is a 7 year old 2nd grader that reads, writes, and completes math on a beginning first grade level. His present behavior has caused his reading to go down from begining first grade to entering Kindergarten. He has a very short attention span which causes him to miss out on very important elements that are essential to his learning. When reading, he forgets to apply phonetic rules and will retort to decoding words letter by letter. When completing math assignments he forgets simple math facts that would aid him in the completion of assignments and will spend lots of time using circle drawings to add or subtract. And to reiterate, He never completes assignments without constant encouragement and redirection.

He's been reffered for a different setting because I, we, can't help him.

What do I do?


Anonymous said...

There is this proposal going around among education reformers that a specific branch in a school should be created/devoted to visiting parents @ home and looking to see the type of environment the kids leave under.. And if the parents are strggling appropratin funds to help them take better care of themselves and the family

Veronica Wright said...

wow! that's a hard one to deal with but I agree with the anonymous poster. I would love to see a program like this put into place.

NO child..no matter how difficult should be left behind

lyre said...

Boy Mondays are tough. Someone not in education would probably think you ar exagerating, but I feel you!

Sounds like he needs individualized instruction, which can not be given in a traditional classroom setting

lyre said...

I found this link over at Rosemarie's. It might help if he likes chuckee cheeses http://www.chuckecheese.com/promotions/rewards-calendars.php

JenellyBean said...


That sounds like a great idea, but with all the budget cuts and the threat of thousands of teachers being laid off, I doubt the Dept of Ed could afford such a team now. Family concerns are the least of their worries.


The funny thing about this child being left behind is that the parents have no idea what supports they can get to help them. When you tell them about alternative schools, they don't want to hear it.

What responsibility are they supposed to take?



He has an IEP, don't forget I am a self contained special education teacher. He needs more supports then what he has.

He already has:
A class of 11 students
A classroom with 3 Paraprofessionals
Counceling 2x a week
Resource room 1x a week
And most importanly--the most creative teacher!

Jenny Barlowe said...

I have had many students like this. Would love to know what to do to do to help.


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