March 4, 2009

The Devil Wears a Uniform

I don't understand how one spirit can HIJACK a whole class!!

For the past 3 weeks one of my students has been on a superintendent suspension -- which means he has to serve his suspension at another school. He wasn't suspended for all the wild and inappropriate things he did in my classroom, he was suspended for hitting the principal.

The suspension he was supposed to fufill was for 5 days, but because his mother never took him to the suspension site nor did she show up to the suspension hearing, the consequences he recieved was an additional 10 days suspension. His mother kept him home the entire time. [I don't even plan to speak on this]

Now this little boy comes back to school today not at 8:00am when school starts, not at 9:00am, not at 10:00am, but at 11:20 am! Half the school day was over.

When I seen him I was delighted, like when you haven't seen a relative for a while. I felt this way because I do care about him and I haven't seen him in a while, but I was not HAPPY to see him at all.

I feel like a horrible person to have said that, especially because I'm his teacher and it seems like his family has no concern about his well being. But I can't deny the pleasure I've enjoyed teaching my class without this student for 3 weeks.

My class atmosphere has been very calm and serene.

My kids have been very supportive of eachother, they've been working better with eachother, they haven't had fights in class, they've been following the rules properly, I haven't had any complaints about behavior from the cluster teachers (library, reading, art, gym, computer) and I haven't had a need to raise my voice.

In all honesty, I've enjoyed teaching the most these past 3 weeks then in my whole year of teaching.

I didn't realize why until today.

This boy was back and disturbed the equilibrium that had been established in my class!

It was horrible!!

He was with the class from 12:10 until 1pm and he kicked a student, punched a student, walked out of the classroom 3 times, banged on the door, lied to the principal about his whereabouts and was sent home.

While he was in the class, 3 of my students started exhibiting a relapse in their behavior.

Oh no no no.... I was NOT having that!


lyre said...

Trial by fire! I'm praying for you. We need great teachers.

JenellyBean said...

This student was suspended the next day--his 2nd day back after a 3 week suspension.

He jumped on the back of the security guard in a rage because he was told to return to class--where he was supposed to be.

Blu Jewel said...

Sounds like this boy needs some serious intervention. His mother seems to condone instead of work through his negative behavior.

Might I suggest that you speak to a guidance counselor or school counselor if you have one. I'm sure there is a reason behind his antics and it should be addressed before he gets even further out of control.

love to live; live to love!

the prisoner's wife said...

oh how i can relate. i teach middle school & i have a few students like the one you've described. it's very tiring & you feel GREAT when they aren't there. today i had a reprieve from one of my troublemakers & it was great. don't feel bad, cuz he doesn't feel bad about messing up your classroom environment.

Wendy said...

J is this the same little boy you wrote about once before?

Clearly this child needs help from an outside agency. I don't know what is going on at home but he is not a priority. My prayers up for you and this child.

Veronica Wright said...

I agree with Wendy...even if he is a special needs child, i can't imagine how some positive reinforcement wouldn't at least help this young man but it doesnt!

There is going to have to be some kind of major intervention here. There must because something going on in the home..Abuse? neglect?

lyre said...

I pray all is well but i just had to tell you about a teacher at my school who has a self contained class full of your little darlin'.

Mauricio Trindade said...

Hello Janelly Bean, If You have read my message in your email, please reply me, the message on the teacher Melanie Macculley, I wanted to know if this is man or woman, thank you.


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