June 19, 2009

Wedding Planning Part III

Family... Family... Family!

My mom and sister are giving me grief about not wanting to have a LARGE wedding.

My African family is very large and I have many aunts and uncles on my moms side and my dads. I also have thousands of other people who have common DNA with me--they are known as brothers, sisters, cousins, neices and nephews. It's not that I don't want to have everyone share this joyous day with me. In fact, I'd love it if everyone could take part in the day that Coco Puff and sanctify our relationship, but quite frankly, we can't afford it.

Now, my parents are all ready to come together with all the family and pay for this wedding, but my non-negotiables make it challenging.

I didn't mind where the wedding was held as well as the venue for the reception. I also didn't mind what food was served or liquor or even music. I just need to have it catered with a wait staff and it must be a sitdown reception.

Well ofcourse these terms dramatically change the budget. If I go there way, it'll be a buffet style with family coming together to cook, set up, and serve.

Uh uh. That's tacky.

Who's wedding is this again?


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree. I went to a wedding with my girlfriend a few years ago where it was all cooked by the family! It was alot cheaper but it was a bit tacky! Nonetheless its all about what the bride wants. The wedding was still beautiful though. I think that you should invite as much family and friends that you can, but if you do you still have to keep in mind the price.

So would it be tacky to invite everyone to the actually wedding but not everyone to the reception? Maybe have that via satelitte somewhere else! lol.

JenellyBean said...

Now don't get me wrong Anonymous, I don't feel that having a wedding with food from my culture and cooked by my family is tacky. I would actually love that.

What I find to be tacky is when my mom, aunts, cousins and everyone is busy cooking food during my wedding ceremony and they are serving food at the reception.

Thats supposed to be my day and we all need to enjoy it. So I want a waistaff. People who are there to serve us all not celebrate with us.

My family would be offended if they were invited to Florida for my wedding and then not also invited to the reception.

Alli said...

It's your mother's wedding of course lol, you just happen to be the center of attraction for the day in a white gown....Oh how I can relate!!
We had a large wedding over 250 people, my mom and auntie wanted to do everything. i compromised because my mom was not going to be walking around the whole evening in an apron!! We had a dessert table all her friends contributed baked goods and it was great she was right in the thick of things. I don't really think it's so much as being tacky as it is she loves you and wants things perfect, and who else can do it but mom! xxx

JenellyBean said...


You are right, she wants whats best for me.

I just want her to be there and share every moment WITH me, not all over the place.

With the plans we've made for the wedding she is gonna really enjoy herself!

Anonymous said...

Have your wedding how you would like to have it! If your family want a huge wedding make sure they have lots of money to pay for it. i know sunshine is quite a private person, so whatever your heart desires and your pocket can afford go for it! i know i'll be there!! :)

JenellyBean said...


My family doesn't mind paying for things. We just dont want a huge wedding. So I dont care who wants to pay for what. They can pay for it to be how WE want it.


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