July 2, 2009

All the Changes We've Made

Coco Puff and I were sifting through our old photos in order to find one we both wanted to use on our Save the Date magnet cards that we are sending to all our guest for the wedding.

In doing so, I noticed how much I've changed over the course of our relationship.

This was us when he and I FIRST started dating in 2005

At this point I weighed over 200 lbs. I was very confident and didn't really notice my weight. It was never an issue for me. My beauty and personality were innate.

Now this photo was take a year after we started dating, Nov. 2006.

In January of 2006 I weighed 230 pounds, I decided to go on a diet and lose 80 pounds. In this photo I was about 190 pounds. I managed to lose 40 pounds.

This photo was taken at my brothers wedding reception. Everyone there was shocked to see my transformation!

This next photo was taken Jan. 2007 (2 months after the previous photo. I was down to 180 pounds!

Here we are last summer (2008) at my Divas Law
School graduation BBQ. I look hot!! I was down to 165
pounds. Not my goal of 150 lbs, but very close!
I lost 65 pounds over the
course of 2 years.
I couldn't have done this without the support of my Coco Puff.
I love him so much!


chocolate girl ..... said...

you look amazing girl!!! he should be proud and im proud of you!!!good job jellybean...(thats what imma call you from now on...)

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Chocolate!

He is very proud of me. He's my number 1 fan.

Im happy to see you're proud of me too.

Jellybean.... why??
I'm not fat anymore.
I dont mind Jenellybean, but Jellybean makes me think of jelly

chocolate girl ..... said...

idk i think jellybean sounds cute but if you prefer ill keep it to jenellybean....new posts are up!!!!

JenellyBean said...


Blu Jewel said...

that's awesome and it's fantastic that you've gotten so much love and support.

JenellyBean said...

Oh yes, I couldn't imagine being with someone that couldn't push me when I'm being resistant.

We all need that.


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