July 29, 2009

Just Beat It!

A few months ago I was pulled over and received a ticket for disobeying the flashing red lights of a school bus.

Are you serious?!!
Yes ma'am, you passed the school bus with the stop sign out.
What school bus? I didn't and don't see a school bus.
The bus passed ma'am

Oh please!
My mama always told me not to say this about people, but he was lying!
And what is worse, is I know he knows he's lying.

It was 4:30pm, I had to get to class for 5, I just pulled my car around the corner from being parked all day. I drove down the road exactly 2 blocks when he flashed me. How long does it take to drive 2 blocks exactly? Maybe 30 seconds.... and in that time I managed to pass a BIG Ole' yellow school bus with FLASHING RED LIGHTS??

And wouldn't there have been cars stopped on both sides of the road waiting for the bus matron to get out and make sure the coast was clear, then the little adorable children get out an walk to their home, then finally the bus matron checks under the bus to make sure no one is mistakenly under there before getting on the bus again???

You're telling me I missed all that? COME ON!

I decided to stake out this exact location the following Thursday a half hour before the time I was pulled over. I stayed there up until a half hour after I was pulled over.

Guess what??
There was a bus! In fact 3 buses.
None of these buses stop where I was pulled over. They don't stop anywhere within the 3 blocks I began my trip and was pulled over.

So I went and got a court date, then went to court. I had all my questions and evidence ready because the burden of proof lies on the officer and we the people are allowed to ask him any questions we feel will help to show our innocence.

The questions I prepared were:
  1. What was the number of the bus that I disobeyed?

  2. What direction on the road was the bus driving?

  3. What direction on the road was my car driving?

  4. Where exactly on that road did the bus stop and put on the flashing lights?

  5. Did I allegedly pass this bus moments after the lights went on?

  6. Where were you standing in relation to the stopped bus?

  7. Where were you standing in relation to me?

  8. When you realized I disobeyed the flashing lights, did you immediately follow me?

  9. What other vehicles were in front of me.

  10. Did those vehicles disobey the flashing red lights.

I went to court with my head held high. Got a spot right in front the DMV too!

Went in... waited... waited... and waited....

Some cases were found guilty and some not guilty.

They called my name.... I do.

The officer was called..... I do.
You're honor, I have no recollection of this incident.


RocNaija said...

Lol.. I know someone that needs to read this like... yesterday!

Mango :p said...

...and that's how they do!

Chic Mama said...

Good for you for fighting for justice- what a pig though!!
Love your little music pod thingy!

Bubbles said...

glad you went to court

JenellyBean said...

What makes me more angry is that this violation would have cost me over $200 and would put 5 points on my license!!!!

And he had no recollection of the incident.
Are you serious?

~Jewel said...

all i can say is "wowwww"

Veronica Wright said...

GIRL!!! See!!! he probabyl pulel doyu over thinking he'd find something else to give you a ticket for once he ran your tags. Ole bastard!!!! my father's side is full of cops but I still can stand any that I dont know. you showed his a$$!

Veronica Wright said...

p.s. ummm why is my blog not on your blog list anymore?

Jasmyn said...

i guess he knew he didn't stand a chance huh?

QueenBee said...

Girl you need to stop. You gonna have me getting stitches laughing at you. The first thing I thought about when you said he was lying was that my 4 year old niece can only say certain words right and her phrase is: The deBil is a liar and a deceiBer

Lara said...

Way to go! Police officers are just people, too, and prone to mistakes. It's just that their mistakes can wind up costing us. Chalk one up for beating the "system!"

JenellyBean said...


Check your blog for my response.


That was cute!


Cops also have agendas when its the end of the month too......

Luv said...

lmbo. you sound like me when i got my speeding ticket. I had a rack of questions ready and well they kept moving the location of the trial further and further into Ohio that after awhile I just called the prosecutor and was like look the officer was lying this was what I was doing...I wound up just paying court cost...

QueenBee said...

Ok this has nothing to do with your blog what I am about to post. I have choosen you as an awardee of the Honest Scrap Award. Go to today's blog to see what you have to do.

Mizrepresent said...

Awe hell naw! Lying cops. hate it! But i love how you were prepared and did your "law and order" thing! You go girl!


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