July 28, 2009

Another Pupil

*Rrriiingg Rrriiingg*

Hi, can I speak with Jenell?
Yes this is she...
Hi, I was told to call you in regards to tutoring my daughter, Sindy.
Cool, with whom am I speaking?
Oh this is Cathy, Marcia's friend
Hello Cathy, how old is Sindy?
She's 5
And what skills do you need for her to develop?
Well, she's not reading yet....
Does she have letter recognition?
Does she know the basic phonetic sounds of the letters?
Most of them...
Is she spelling at all?
No, not really.
Does she have any learning disabilities?

Wait a second.
My schedule is really busy this month and picking up another student to work with would just be more work.... but how can I say no?? I just can't. When it comes to working with children, my heart just opens real wide and overflows with love....

So of course I keep talking

How many sessions are you looking for weekly?
What do you recommend?
Two one hour sessions per week on a specific schedule and time. She will look forward to seeing me each week and the learning will just happen.
I've heard so much about you I can't wait to start-how soon can we start?

I wanted to say next year, but I just couldn't.
We can start next week--Mon. & Wed at 5:30-6:30. She needs a notebook for me to document our work, pencils and crayons, and lot's of energy!
Okie, great, Thanks Jenell.
No problem--I can't wait to meet her!

Babe not those hot dogs!

I forgot Coco Puff and I were shopping.



Mango :p said...

You do great work, JB!

~ Lady Liz ~ said...
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~ Lady Liz ~ said...

That's Awesome -- Paying it forward! Reaching back as you move forward -- What an Inspiration!

On a personal note, my husband tutored kids for years during his high school and college years and for a while we couldn't go no where w/o him running into kids he tutored. To hear their experssions of gratitude & journey of success, made us feel PROUD!!

Chic Mama said...

Awww, you sound lovely. I'm sure your pupils love you and really appreciate what you're doing for them.

chocolate girl ..... said...


Lara said...

You sound like me. When I get too much on my plate, I get a bigger plate :)

BTW, check out my newest blog at:


I'd like to hear your input on that one!

Mizrepresent said...

That is beautiful! You are such a blessing and i have to tell you your attitude and energy about teaching is awesome indeed!

Alli said...

you are an amazing young woman JB!!

Alli XXX

the emrys said...

totally impressive! you are doin a great job

JenellyBean said...


Thanks for all the kind words! I just do my best. I love working with children and I'm happy God lead me in this direction, bc that wasn't my plan at all.

When I posted this post I really didn't expect any praise at all. I didn't even know what you all would say to that convo.


I'm really touched.
Thank you all for following me.

Lady Liz

What did your husband tutor children in?

I'll be by soon.

Jasmyn said...

wow. i agree with everyone else. truly amazing. could i tutor kids? idk. i can barely deal with the 2 i babysit. lol.

ps: that pic is too cute. lol


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