July 22, 2009

Wedding Planning Part IV

According to my wedding countdown on the sidebar I have 11 months and 18 days until my Coco Puff and I say "I Do!" How exciting!

My wedding planners (KEA Event Planners) are awesome! They've been working so diligently, quickly, and efficiently to plan my wedding.

We have a very tight budget because, as mentioned before, we don't want any help from our loved ones. We would like for them to give us a wonderful monetary gift to assist us in purchasing a home shortly after the wedding.

My wedding will be on the beach in Miami, FL and all negotiations are made from here in NY. So my planners have made lot's of phone calls and sent lot's of emails to various vendors on our behalf. We had our first meeting on June 13th and since then we've gotten so much accomplished.


I decided on a Peach, Ivory, Cream color pallet.
I of course will wear white.
My bride maids will wear peach and the groomsmen will wear ivory/cream.

My mother, step mother, and mother in law to be will wear a shade of beige.
I'm not sure which color my Coco Puff will wear. Any suggestions?

Save The Date Cards

Initially, we weren't sure which style was best. Should we go with a horizontal or vertical card? Should we have our photo on it? Which template looks best? Should we go with the beach theme? Should we go with magnets? What should we say on it?

After about a week or two we decided on an Island themed magnet. This way all guests could stick them right on their fridge and have a daily reminder of our wedding.
Here's the proof.


When it came to flowers I decided on Calla Lillies and Roses. I find them to be a beautiful combination of flowers. They are gorgeous in peach. The planners found a florist with an awesome package.

We are getting everything we need for the wedding ceremony, bridal party and parents for a very good price.

For the ceremony, I want a bamboo canopy and organza sprinkled with flowers. The florist has this exact setup!

Ceremony & Reception

We will have the ceremony on the beach behind The Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort in Sunny Isle Miami, Fl. On my fourth trip to Miami, I stayed here and I had an awesome time there. I've chosen this hotel for our guests. The resort is giving us a good deal on accommodations for our group.
We've chosen to have our reception here as well because they are offering an incredibly good deal with the catering. Three Hour Open Bar Featuring Premium Brands of Liquor. Cocktail Hour with Selection of Four Butler Passed Hors D’ Oeuvres. Champagne Celebration Toast
Three Course Sit Down Dinner. Complimentary Bridal Suite Evening of the Wedding. And my wedding cake! This deal can't be beat at all!


Being that the wedding is on the beach, I've decided to go with a simple but elegant dress. I dont want it too heavy so I can keep cool. I want it to be comfortable and appropriate enough for a beach and a formal reception. I love the dresses from the Maggie Sottero Destinations collection. They are perfect for the classy beach wedding bride.

I go on my first dress shopping date with my mom, sister, maid of honor and wedding planners on Aug 1. I'm counting down the days.

A few more things need to be done, like find a photographer, decide on the music, purchase the formal invitatioms, wedding favors, and a few more, to complete all of the planning for our wedding. I can't believe how stress free I am thus far.

My Vendors:

Save the Date Cards --A Giftful Heart

Florist -- Natinel Designs

Ceremony & Reception -- The Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort


~ Lady Liz ~ said...

I'm now following you - Thanks for the invite -- Pls. return the gesture :)

Congrats re: your Wedding. I've been married for 1yr & 5mths. It was quite an experience; 150 guests in Long Island. The wedding day was Awesome. However, we were more excited about the Married Life! If I could do it over again, I would go your route "Destination Wedding Style" less stress indeed :).

Your Groom could wear white like you - it would look nice against his complexion and you'll stand out from your wedding party.

Calla Lilles are my FAVORITE flower! This dress is dreamy:
RD1044 from you collection -- all of them are fabulous!


TheTinyJEWELBox said...

getting married in my neck of the woods, huh? the beach behind the newport is nice though! can i stand to the side and take pics? those colors are gorgeous!

JenellyBean said...

Lady Liz

I want to make sure that I never look back at my wedding and feel like I should have done things differently. I really want this to be a memorable experience for my Coco Puff and I.

How has married life been for you?

Ooooh... I actually think it will be nice for him to wear white. Thanks! Ill run it by him and see what he feels.

OMG!!! You picked out the dress I want!!!! Howd you know!!! I love RD1044!!! When I seen that dress in a magazine I knew it was for me. I just pray I love how it looks on me!

Where did you go for your dress?


So you've been over by where I'll be at huh?

ROFL!!!!!! Of course you caN come and take pics!! LOLOLOL

MOMSWEB said...

I looove weddings! What about the cake? Did I miss that? I'm a baker, so I HAD to ask (lol). If I were there, I'd make it for you.

tee said...

following u!

follow me please =]


JenellyBean said...


How sweet of you! I'm sure your cakes are delicious!

No you didn't miss it, I forgot to mention it. The caterer at the hotel includes the cake in my whole pkg.

I'm gonna go add that detail right now.

Blu Jewel said...

Everything sounds so beautiful and I know things will go just the way you want them to. I had Calla Lillies at my wedding. They're so elegant and beautiful.

Continued best wishes to you.

love to live; live to love!

Lara said...

Weddings are a beautiful expression of love and a time of joyful celebration. It is easy to get caught up in all of the small details, but the important work is what follows - the marriage.

Just remember that the "window dressing" is just that, don't get too caught up in the details. I've been married for almost 20 years, and have enjoyed the companionship of an amazing friend and lover whom I respect and admire. That outweighs color schemes or floral arrangements in my book any day!

Just have fun with it, Jenell!

JenellyBean said...

Hey Blu

Thanks for the well wishes.


Im thankful to gain wisdom from someone whos had a successful marriage. I'll make sure to contact you with my questions after I get married.
Thanks for following me!

Alli said...

So now we are coming to Florida!! Hey that's even better!! I should have hair by then too....
You are going to be a gorgeous bride..

What exciting times for you!!
Love you Alli XXXX

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Alli!
Glad to see you in brighter spirits!

QueenBee said...

Just from reading about it feels like I am there with you. I, too, love going to weddings but one piece of advice that I will give....promise you won't shoot me...but a wedding doesn't make the marriage. It will take the two of you to make it work, not everybody else on the outside.

~ Lady Liz ~ said...

Hey! I'm up and running...well at least @ work - still working on my home Laptop!

Re: How has married life been for you? Married life is great! It's definitely a reality not fantasy.. Everyday you must renew your committment and work ethic. It can be a Magnificient Merger of two kindred souls!

Where did you go for your dress?
RK Bridal is the store. Allure is the designer. Look at my very first post and u will see the PIC.

~ Peace & Blessings!

chocolate girl ..... said...

Where are you going for the honeymoon?? And if you haven't heard it enough already congratulations jellybean!!!!

K. Michel said...

Hey, Jenelly. Congrats on the wedding ...and they say black couples don't marry anymore? Pfft!

So, since I'm a guy and all... I want to know what's for dinner, and what's for dessert please.

Also, I can't seem to find your Followers box? Hmm...

Jasmyn said...

ok. loving the freakin colors. ugh...im not big on marriages, but u make me wanna get married...without taking vows of course. LMAO!

JenellyBean said...


That advice is the best advice!


Thanks for the recommendation. I spoke with my planner and she loves that place. So thats where I will be next weekend. And they have my dress!!

I went to see your dress and its gorgeous!

Chocolate Girl

Right now we are thinking of St. Lucia, but we aren't positive yet.

K. Michel

I second that PFFT!
LOL @ you wanting to know the menu.
The main course will be Caribbean Seasoned Chicken, Fresh Vegetables,
Rice or Potatoes,
Warm Rolls and Cream Butter.

You are just too cute!


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