July 23, 2009

Oh Whatever, You Know What I Mean

You would think after 4 years he would know what I mean when I say things that were unfamiliar to him before I met him.

For instance, when I was growing up my parents would say "Go take a bath", and it was clear as day what they meant.

When I tell Coco Puff to go and take a bath, he says "I don't take baths"
I look at him like, huh??

Then he says, "I take showers"

*rolls eyes*
Oh Whatever, you know what I mean.
I love that he's so playful.

It's interesting how he differentiates shower and bath. To me, when you take a shower you are indeed taking a bath.

In my culture, we say tub bath, when we mean sit down and bathe. But to him shower means stand up and hearing bath means sit down.

Here's another time this happens that always makes me laugh.

It's morning and he's in bed either going through his iPhone or watching TV or he could be talking right to me and I'll say "Okie, Wake up!

This time, he's looking at him like, huh??
I'll say it again, "Wake up, get ready"
Then he says, "I am awake"

*rolls eyes*
Oh Whatever, you know what I mean.

In my culture, we say "Wake up" to mean get up out of bed. I know he's not sleeping, but he's still lying in bed.
I love Funny moments....


TRUTHZ said...

hey congrats!!! i haven't been here in awhile..i have a new site.. i will hit u up with it when i get it up and running..where did u get the background for page?

i like the new setup..


QueenBee said...

You must be somewhere around my house stuck on the wall like a fly. I say the same exact things to my kids. It never fails when I tell them to get up, that they think that just because their eyes are open should mean something to me. Oh here's the worse one. To tell either of them to do something and the reply is, "you mean now." Duh!!

Luv said...

me under a different mind body and spirit

JenellyBean said...

Hey Truthz

Nice to see you around.

I always used to say "okie, I'm coming" when my mom told me to do something, and wouldn't move. LOL


Nice of you to join me, thanks for following.
I dont understand your comment.

Anonymous said...
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Alli said...

It must be a guy thing... I tell my son Go take a bath...his retort where do you want me to take it?
Or I don't bathe.....real men take showers hahahah real men @16 uh huh!!

Anonymous said...

i've read most of ur post && you inspire me.!!
the wedding stories are sooo sweet.!!
omggg i just loveee ur blog.!!.
ur journey so far is a great one.!!


JenellyBean said...

Men are interesting creatures, eh.

LOL @ Real men.

Hey Kels

Thanks for joing me here. its greatly appreciated. I'm delighted to hear I inspire you and that you love my blog.
Please come back and often.

RocNaija said...

Jeez.. I've experienced so many of these exact same moments, it's surreal.


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