August 11, 2009

A Good Deal Isn'tAlways the BEST Deal

My Coco Puffs cousin is getting married in Jamaica this October. Initially, when we heard of the plans we were excited and planned on attending. After we began spending money on our wedding, we realized this might not be a wise expense and we could always just send a gift, right?

My mother in law was sad to hear that we weren't going to make it and she made it very clear that if we weren't going, she wasn't! (IDK why...) She decided that she would pay for our airfare and hotel (How nice of her...)

I went online searching for tickets from NY to Jamaica --looking for the best deal possible--I found 2 tickets from NY to Kingston, Jamaica for $600! Awesome!

We booked the tickets on Thursday.

I found out yesterday that Kingston Airport is 5 hours away from the resort where the wedding will be held....OMG 5 hours! I didn't even know Jamaica was that big.

I immediately went into panic mode and called Coco Puff to tell him about my mistake. He says "No worries, you'll fix it. Muah! I love you even if we're flying from Alaska!" (Uhhhhh thanks....)

I checked tickets from NY to the Montego Bay, Jamaica Airport--which is 15 minutes from the resort--the ticket difference will be another $1,000. (Thats crazy)

I checked tickets from Kingston, Jamaica airport to Montego Bay, Jamaica airport--that flight would be only 40 minutes but costs over $600. (For a 40 minute flight in the same country??)

I checked taxi fare from Kingston, Jamaica to Montego Bay, Jamaica--The drive will be 4-5 hours and it costs $290, then of course $290 back. (Who wants to drive for 5 hours?)

So it looks like either way we have to pay another $600-$1000. (Exactly what I tried to avoid)

OMG how am I gonna tell me mother in law I did this??
And that it costs her an additional $600-$1,000....


RocNaija said...

I doubt if she'll be ecstatic..
But there's no sense in being on the island if you can't make it to the weeding right?

Bubbles said...

yeah I agree with Roc..
just breathe easy
and tell her...
I mean there's no point in staying n the island... if you are going to miss the wedding..

Blackbutterfly said...

Yep JA is that big...I wanted to go Kingston whilst I was there in July but was too too expensive. I was in Mo Bay too.
I think the reason it was cheap to fly to Kingston is that it isn't really seen as a tourist spot.

What resort is the wedding going to be at?

It would make more sense to just go straight to Montego Bay if you paying the same price

JenellyBean said...

Roc & Bubbles

You're right... but I wasn't even thinking of still going. I'm thinking of canceling the flight. Who wants to pay $2000 to attend a wedding when you're paying for your own wedding?? And as much as I love the gesture of my Mother in Law, how we expect her to pay that much for us both to go?


Knowing now (based on your comment) that Kingston isn't a tourist spot, that makes a lot of sense.

The wedding will be held at Sandals in Mo Bay.

After reading your comment about "same price" I realize now that I typed the price wrong, its not an addtional 500, its an addtional $500 each! Which is $1,000! Huge difference.

I just fixed it.
Thanks for the info and advice.

QueenBee said...

I say just spit it out and say it. Either way, it's gonna cost whether it's in money or time.
And BTW, got your message. I will certainly holla at ya if I ever do come to NY.

MANGO :p said...

Are you even able to cancel?

Nowadays, they don't allow for refunds unless you've purchased insurance of some sort, otherwise you'd have to use the tickets for another time/towards a future trip, which you may be able to use for your own honeymoon. (Pls look into this if you're considering canceling)

Kingston, JA is way far from where'd you'd like to go at all and I'm not sure what search engine/airline you used to find the flight info but I'm sure there are some cheaper flights available to your destination.

Chic Mama said...

Oh no! What a pain...I didn't realise Jamaica was that big either- two airports??!!
I hope you manage to find a solution.
Love your new look blog too- very snazzy! ;0)

Luv said...

hey what about a ferry boat.. when i was in montego bay, we were supposed to hop on a boat to go around the island and i don't remember it costing that much


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