August 12, 2009

Keeping it Healthy Wednesday

Eating Fruits is sooo Good For You!

When I started dieting years ago, my comfort food was fruits. I would eat 5 servings of fruits a day. My favorites include, red seedless grapes, red delicious apples (no other variety), mangoes, and bananas.

The sweetness of fruits definitely satisfies any sugar cravings you may have. The fiber and liquid in fruits help fill you up and keep you full. If you are full from eating fruits, then naturally you will have a lower daily calorie consumption. A lower daily calorie consumption leads to weight loss. There are also many fruits with so few calories, such as plums, that by the time you are done all the chewing and swallowing, you've burned off all the calories in the fruit.

For many people eating fruits is harder then it should be because they don't work it into their daily menu. Parents also need to make sure their children are eating fruits regularly.

Here's some creative ways to ensure you get all your fruits in everyday.

  1. Add dried fruits to your cereal. Raisins in oatmeal is yummy. Bananas taste great in most cereals.

  2. Eat an apple or pear or any other fruit before leaving for work/class or while on your commute to work/class.

  3. Eat any fruit after your workouts. I always pack grapes before I leave for the gym.

  4. Drink more fruit juice instead of soda.

  5. Eat fruit while you watch T.V. instead of popcorn or chips.

See.... it's not as hard as it seems.


Ashley Pizarro said...

Get it girl with eating fruits! I LOVE fruit and eat it allll day long! :) I wish people knew how healthy it really was for you! I love it!!!

Blu Jewel said...

Fruit are great portable snacks that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Include fruits when making smoothies and use a large variety to ensure that you're filled as well as enjoying the different flavours.

Some fruits are great frozen too...lil lady loves frozen blueberries. Drinking fruit voice over soda is good too, but you need to ensure that the juice has a high actual fruit content.

Great post.

love to live;live to love!

PS...I responded to your inquiring mind question on my Meme post

TheTinyJEWELBox said...

thanks for the tips--you know i need them!

Luv said...

i was hoping you were saying you were going to send one of your bloggers some edible creations. (smile)

i love fruit especially ripe fruit... i still don't know how to pick certain berries, like blueberries.. and not very good with melons outside of watermelons...

but i do love fruit.

you have to be careful with fruit juices though, they have a lot of sugar

Ms. Bar B: said...

Well dang, when you put it like that, it really isn't that hard, lol. I could definitely squeeze in more daily fruits, but the great thing is that there is always fruit in the house and my daughter always takes advantage. The girl preferred to have a bowl of oatmeal with some cherries on the side for dinner, lol. She loves fruit.

My favs include apples, pineapples, and grapefruits.

RocNaija said...

Thanks for the tips..
They'll come in handy for me now :)

Johnny Brash said...

I try to eat it at least twice a day when I can. Great post.

JenellyBean said...


Hahaha... maybe sometime in the future I could do a giveaway like some of my blogfam.

Ms. Bar B

So now that you know how easy it is, are you gonna start?


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