August 4, 2009

They Bleed Too

I'm a big fan of the new rap artist Drake. I'm not a big fan of Rap/Hip Hop music, but I jam to some tunes. Of course with rap there are corresponding lyrics that bring about discontent with some verses, but I understand to some degree why this is, but most importantly I can listen past some of the vulgarity.

Drake has some really catchy tunes that I enjoy. My favorite is his new "Successful" song with the sensual sound of Trey Songz singing the chorus -- now that I'm typing this I'm realizing that it's actually Trey Songz that has made me interested in this song.....

Any who, my blog is not a celebrity gossip blog by any means, but something happened to Drake recently and the responses of people to this situation are really bothering me.

Drake has a bad leg --I think it's something with his ACL, MCL, and LCL-- well he fell down on stage while performing and had to be carried off stage. He looked to be in so much pain. Click here to Watch the video footage of his accident.

I read many comments from people about how "this is good for him!", "He deserves this", "He's wack", "He always wears that sweater!", and a whole bunch of other nonsensical points.

What bothers me is how people so easily forget that celebrities are human with aches and pains and a soul. He gets injured on stage and because you may not enjoy his music or think he looks funny you can't have any remorse?

I will say that, he made a very poor judgment on his part to come out and perform and jump around knowing his condition. But as an artist manager, I understand fully the pressure an artist feels to pay the bills!


Bubbles said...

I agree
I don't know why people were laughing about the whole situation
he looked like he was in some serious pain.!

Ashley Pizarro said...

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RocNaija said...

I know he sat down through his performance at the BET awards..

I didn't know he had a bad leg.

Always thought he'd had a one-off accident or something..

Chic Mama said...

Oooh don't know him, he's not in the Uk (yet) Very good looking. ;0)

Jasmyn said...

and here i thought you forgot about me. lol.

but i fixed it. so hopefully it will be no promblem from now on.

and my email is

thank you mam!

Luv said...

i agree.. people are so rude and selfish...the same thing happened when Tiny lost her baby people were saying awful things... and as one who has lost a baby, it's no greater pain and I am sure peeps would have been mad if the roles were reverse... we gots to get it together

Alli said...

Human nature dictates we take advantage of the most vulnerable..or something like that. it's supposed to make the others feel good about themselves transferring off someone elses pain.... how stupid is that!!

Alli xx


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