August 2, 2009

Wedding Planning Part V

Saturday was such an awesome day for me.

I took a trip to NYC with my maid of honor, two bride maids, my little sister, and my three wedding planners.

The seven of us navigated ourselves to RK Bridal on W39th st. with one goal in mind --Selecting my WEDDING DRESS!

I went in there thinking that a flowy style dress would be the perfect dress for my venue. Beach wedding, light chiffon flowy dress, hot Miami sun--perfect match.


After trying on 4 dresses in this style we all realized this style did not suit my thick curvy Diva body at all.

I was in a conundrum. This style was perfect for the Beach but not for my body.

My dress consultant was very good with her stuff. She reminded me of one of the Golden Girls. She went out and found a style that was just right for my body type. It looked like I was born in it. After trying on three dresses in this style with different fabrics, I found the ONE!

Someone in the store said I looked like I walked out of a Bridal Magazine.


MOMSWEB said...

Yipppeeee! Everything else will be a piece of cake because the dress is the MOST important! Now you can exhale!

Chic Mama said...

ahhh, thats so exciting.
3 wedding planners? 3? LOL. must be costing a fortune!
Can't wait to see the dress.

Jasmyn said...

YAY! excited to see the dress.

RocNaija said...

Sounds like it's all coming into place..

Great stuff!!

JenellyBean said...


When I put that dress on, it really hit me that I'm getting married.

Chic Mama

Actually, the 3 planners are one planner, if that makes sense. They are incredibly affordable.
I wont show the dress until after the wedding--So next year.


Girl, I've been trying to post on your blog all week! Theres an error with blogger and it wont allow me to type in the word verification. You don't have an email listed on your profile so I haven't been able to get in touch with you.

I suggest you go to settings --> comnents --> comment form placement --> select pop up window.

Pop up window gives the least problems.

Email me at when you make the change because I have a few things I really wanted to leave comments on.

JenellyBean said...


It all is. Im so happy.

Luv said...

wow, so you are going to torture us? no pic until next about color, did you do white? did the ladies get their dresses too?

I am so excited for you... have you picked out your cake?

JenellyBean said...

Hey Luv

Im not torturing you, I just dont want for Coco Puff to happent to run by my blog and see it. I doubt that that would happen, but it could. Cant take a chance.

The dress is white although the tag said Ivory. Its a satin type fabric so it has that sikly shine.

Yes the ladies got their dresses too, I thought of posting that in the blog post but I wanted it to be all about me--that was my egos fault. LOL

I've chosen my cake flavor and the baker, but I haven't chosen the design.

Mr. and Mrs. Top Gun said...

YEah!!! I am soooo happy you found the DRESS! I remember when I was looking for mine, and I came across it.. my heart dropped and then I came out of the dressing room and my Daddy was tearing up. This is such an exciting time in your life, so savour every moment- it goes by so fast!!

~ Lady Liz ~ said...

Awesome! I;m sure that rush / feeling of excitement hit you when you found "The One" -- The dress that was made for you! Enjoy these moments & congrats! :)

QueenBee said...

Just reading about it makes me wish I could come. Then again, in 11 months, ain't no telling what I will be doing. This is like a fairy tale that I am reading about. Keep it coming girl.

JenellyBean said...

Top Gun


Lady Liz

It was a feeling like no other!


It feels like a fairy tale.



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