September 4, 2009

Around the World in 50 Years: Bahamas Cruise Day 3

Port of Call: Coco Cay
(Royal Caribbean's Private Island)

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Of all the days of the cruise, Day 3 was the least fun.

We docked in what seemed like the middle of the ocean because the water was very shallow closer to the Island of Coco Cay. In order to get to Coco Cay we took a ferry from the boat to the island.

Upon arriving on the island there were many little shops there. They had a live band playing island music. There was a bar. There was an aquatic park. There were some other activities going on as well.

Coco Puff and I were not thrilled about the island at all. We were also very tired (I'm not sure why, but we were). We toured the small island for a few moments and then we found a hammock and after fighting to get into it for a few minutes we laid comfortably. I took photos of us sitting in the hammock and some of the things within my view. We fell asleep for what seemed like 30 minutes and then got up to go get some lunch.

They served a buffet style BBQ lunch on the island and of course it was delicious. We sat chatting with a couple we met the day before. They live in California, but lived in Brooklyn for most of their upbringing (This world is so small). They told us about the jelly fish in the water on the island and that a few people got stung (good thing neither of us had ambitions of swimming today). Also, the water was so shallow that you can't swim. You can walk out for about a quarter mil e and the water is at your knees.

When we had enough food and enough of the heat, we all went back onto the boat. Coco Puff was ready to go back to the room, but I begged him to go on the top deck with me to have a drink and sit by the pool. We are on a cruise, why are we spending time in that small little stateroom with no windows??

We had 2 Pina Coladas each by the pool and joked around a lot! It's so funny how when I make him feel silly he gets angry and then tickles me until I'm drooling.

We the deck around 7 and went to see the nightly show. It was an impersonating musical comedian (That's what we said). We weren't excited at all. He could play just about every instrument and he could impersonate many musicians, but he just wasn't really funny at all. Nothing like the comedian Kivi Richards from the Day 1 show. I heard Kivi is going to be back for Day 4--I can't wait!

After the show we went to the sit down dinner and ordered everything! Coco Puff ordered 2 appetizers, 2 main dishes, and dessert. I did the same! We shared more stories about America with our table mates, Mark & Sindy from the Netherlands and they did the same. They told us that this cruise was the last vacation of their 3 week vacation. Woah. Could you imagine being on vacation out of your country for 3 weeks straight??? I wanna be like them. That's us with them in the photo. I thought it was cute that the guys had on green and the ladies had on red.

As you can see Coco Puff is cheesing - he really liked this couple.

Next Port of Call: Key West, Florida


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love that red dress! You both look so happy!

Jasmyn said...

i agree with here ^^^
cute dress. well i'm glad y'all had mucho mucho fun!

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Chic Mama said...

Still sounds lovely and what a lovely picture of you all. :0)

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