August 27, 2009

Around the World in 50 Years: Bahamas Cruise Day 2

Port of Call: Nassau, Bahamas

Day 2 was a very busy day. I woke up early, went to the gym and ran on the treadmill above the Bahamas coast. It was beautiful! I couldn't wait to finish my workout so we could go and explore the island. After sweating for a half an hour, I went to wake up my Coco Puff so we could begin our day.
Our stateroom didn't have a window, so when you're in the room you have no sense of time. It could be 2 am or 2pm and you wouldn't know the difference.
When I woke him up, he asked "What time was it?"
"8 o'clock..."
"No it's not..."
"Yes it is now get up!"
We went to the Windjammer dining hall for breakfast and had a delicious meal. Over breakfast we discussed what we would do today. Coco Puff wanted to find a cologne that I ordered him once from the Bahamas called Sand. I wanted to find some costume jewelry ( I love earings), I also wanted to see the area downtown, and most importantly I had to swim on the beach.

Coco Puff and I live 20 minutes from the beaches in Brooklyn and every summer I've asked him to go to the beach with me and he never will! He says they are dirty. His family is from Trinidad and he says the beaches in Trinidad are blue, not brown like NY.

We headed off the boat and immediatley felt the heat. It was scorching in the Bahamas.

As we walked through the terminal to enter into the city we were bombarded by locals trying to get us in their taxi or get us on their tour bus or have us rent a scooter or get us to get our hair braided or have take us on a horse and buggy ride.


We got out safely and toured around the town. It was interesting to see how the tourist areas had such inflated prices. (This is what people must feel when they visit Times Square). Coco Puff is a photographer so he was snapping away at everything including me. I felt like he was paparazzi.

We found a perfume shop that had the cologne Coco Puff wanted and I bought myself a really nice perfume as well.

There were many monuments to see and I wanted to see them all. It was really hot and Coco Puff was getting annoyed with my desires to see all of the Bahamas. I decided to give in to his complaints about the heat and we headed back to the boat to put our things down before heading to the beach.

We initially planned on taking a $3 ferry to the beach but when we stopped to ask a cabby for directions to the ferry, he convinced us that paying him $1 more was better because unline the ferry he would drop us right in front of the beach. We were sold and hopped in his taxi with another family from the boat.

When we got to the beach I was soo happy. I'm a pisces so I guess its natural for me to love the water.

The beach was beautfiul! The sand was white and the water was blue like Coco Puff likes it. I jumped right into the water and it was so refreshing. We held eachother tightly in the water and kissed. It was so romantic...... then all of a sudden a dark cloud came over us. We had to exit the beach quickly. I was really upset because we'd only been on the beach for about 20 or so minutes and then we had to leave (bummer). We only had about an hour until we head to board the boat anyways.
We went and relaxed for a bit.
Soon after we went and played BINGO. We only bought 1 ticket because they were $16 each. We were playing for a cash prize of $500! I was only 2 numbers away from winning when someone called BINGO! I was highly upset.
Coco Puff kept asking "Did you really think you'd win??"
What kind of question is that??
We left BINGO and got changed up for dinner. We didn't make it to the formal dinner the night before and I really wanted to go to dinner.

When we got to dinner it was beautiful! We had a Head waiter, a waiter and an assistant waiter. At our table was a couple from the Netherlands. We learned so much about them and their country and we shared a lot about us.

Coco Puff was really talkative with them (this was unusual). I was really surprised because he's a very quiet person, especially around people he doesn't know, but not with this couple. I guess he really liked them. The food was MAG-NI-FIC!!
After dinner I went to the Casino and played $1o. I lost it all. Then we went to our room and
cuddled for the rest of the night.

Next Port of Call: Coco Cay, Bahamas


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I must go on one of these cruises!!! They look like so much fun!

JenellyBean said...

Crazy Shenanigans

They are the best!

QueenBee said...

Oh please Crazy Shenanigans, you've got to go on a cruise. Ms. JenellyBean, girl, I have them same pics (the first two) when I went to the Bahamas. I've been there twice and told hubby that I want a house over there. Our next cruise will be in Mexico. Hubby has gone before we got married so now he wants to take me and the kids. I plan on going March 2010.

Mango :p said...

Very nice.

Keep 'em coming.

You're very descriptive. You should write.

Teena in Toronto said...

I went to the Bahamas about ten years ago ... fabulous beach!

Happy blogoversary!

JenellyBean said...

Queen Bee

I told Coco Puff many times while out there I wouldn't mind changing lifestyles and moving out there.


Write? Don't I have enough things on my plate?


Thanks for visiting. Make sure to join me so you can stay updated on all the things I have to chat about.

Luv said...

girl i looked for you while in the bahamas...lmbo we took the 4 dollar cab per person both there and back.. well we went to fantasy island first and then walked to the free beach where they were selling the seats and umbrellas.

we were there an hour and a half before the hurricane hit..i was trying to get the rainy day specials.

and you are right the prices were very much inflated and it made no sense to bargain at times cuz everybody stuff was the same price..not like the first time i went to the bahamas

sorry i missed you

Veronica Wright said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!!!! cant wait to read more...and you just gave me an idea to document all our trips in one place and where it can be shared with all who care. Great Idea JB

JenellyBean said...


Girrrl I was looking for you all over.

We went to the beach on Paradise Island. It was beautiful.

Hey V

Glad to inspire you. I love shutterfly. Snapfish is a good one too, but I dont know if you can make photo websites through there.

Misty Blue Princess said...

Hahaha... you came to my beautiful island! I love it here- not sure how I would make it without the beaches. Next time you visit the Bahamas try to visit a Family Island like Eleuthera (with pink sand beaches) or Abaco with powdery white ones. You will love the really beautiful & quiet atmosphere there. Less hagglers too... lol.

Enjoying your blogs! Keep at it!



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