September 1, 2009

It Can't Get Any Worse - Can It?

Coco Puff and I live on the 1st floor of an apartment building and our windows are ground level so it's not uncommon to have critter friends stopping by often.

Coco Puff and I were home one evening 3 weeks ago when one came in uninvited.

OH SHIT! Do you see the size of that bug???

(I'm not even in the room with you, how will I see it?)
No babe, I don't see it
Quick get me the spray!

(Why does this man want me to come in there with him and this bug?)

He sprayed it until it died and then came out of the room with the spray looking like he caught a fugitive.

Do you know I went to plug something into a socket yesterday and saw this big ol'e dead waterbug belly up on the floor!!??!? He never cleaned it up. And I sure ain't gonna clean it.

How could he just leave it there!?
Please tell me he's not always gonna be this gross.


Lara said...

We lived in the Historic District in Mobile Alabama where the homes were all surrounded by majestic oaks (and chock-full of the biggest roaches you've ever seen!)

We used to classify them: Buick, Cadillac, Lincoln and Stretch-limo!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I call the landlord anytime I see giant bugs and they come around and spray!

JenellyBean said...

My issue isnt' the bugs.

How could he kill it 3 weeks ago and its stil laying there on the rug?!??!?!

Luv said...

lmbo..yeah i would just mention it to him so that it doesn't become a habit..but, since he used almost a whole can i am thinking that he may be afraid to touch the maybe play rock paper scissors


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