March 6, 2006


I'M 21!!!


I celebrated on Saturday, being that today is a Monday and my Mondays are incredibly busy.

On the guest list for my Royal Celebration:

11 of my friends

My lil bro and sis

And ofcourse my Coco Puff

But hours before the dinner 2 of my girls canceled

My Coco Puff's Grampa's funeral was Saturday so he couldn't attend.

I went to NY to support him and his family at the funeral, but because my birthday weekend was shortened one day, my father said my lil brother and sister would not be able to attend the dinner.

Initially I was very sad that so many people weren't going to attend but the balance 9 of my friends really made my Royal Celebration memorable.

I reserved my dinner at an Indian Restaurant that I visited before with a few of my girls and I feel as if I've blogged about the experience in the past. Once again the food was delicious!

I entered the Indian Club Restaurant with my beautiful dress and all eyes were on me!

We spent lot's of time laughing and discussing memories of me from their past.

After dinner two of my friends surprised me with 2 delicious cakes, as you've seen at the top of this post. And I opened my cards and read them aloud and I opened my gifts.

Two of my girls thought they were cute and got me a prank joke....Oh my goodness was it not the funniest thing I'd ever seen when I unwrapped the gift and low and behold it was Vaginal Douche!!!

I almost fell outta my seat!


I definitely had a great Royal Celebration and I Love all of my friends very dearly.


lyre said...

You are such a beautiful woman. And you are smart to boot! How appropriate to have a royal celebration for such a regal person. Happy Birthday!

chele said...

Well Happy Birthday Boo! Man, I haven't had a real birthday party since I was 16 years old. I think it's about time for another. You guys looked like you had a great time.

Stephen Bess said...

21 looks great on you. Too bad I gave up chocolate for Lent. :)

Happy Birthday again!!!!!!

JenellyBean said...

Thank You Mama Beryl!


Wow Sister Chele!
Since you were 16?
Yea, maybe it is about time you have one.
When you do invite me, if I can come, I will do my best.
When is your birthday by the way?
So I can save it in my sidekick.

My last birthday party was 10 years ago, when I was 11.
I've done little things with whomever was my boyfriend or a a few of my girls in the past, but no parties since 1996.





Thank you!

Stephen Bess said...

**slapped my hand** I'll behave. :)
You seem to have good friends. That's always beautiful.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...


OMG!!! These pics are beautiful. I am so glad that your Royal Celebration was wonderful. Your 21st birthday should be memorable and special and it looks like yours was.

You look so pretty. I love that dress! Those cakes look so good I thought that they were from the internet or something.

Georgiapeach said...

Happy B-day Jenelly. You are so loved. You are gorgeous. Girl I love you! You make me proud.

I know you are loved with those Publix cakes!!!..rofl. I hope you party like hell this weekend old girl!!!

Georgiapeach said...

Your one friend looks live Eva the Gorgeous crew. Looks like mine's!

angeleyes said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
Those pictures were great!!! U all looked great!! Sorry I'm late, I havent been online much this past week!!! I'm glad u had a great time!
And girrrrrrrrrrlll, I didnt know u loved in indian food!! When I come over to east coast sometime, I'm gonna hit u up and cook you some indian dishes! :P

Miss u too dearie!! :)))))

Alli said...

JB you were positively glowing...oh to be 21 again....enjoy these times, these are the best years!!!

blackcaesar said...

happy birthday with your old ass...

Brotha Buck said...

Well, how pretty are you!

JenellyBean said...

N Search...

You know I was trying to look absolutely fab!
I loved my cakes!!! They were a surprise.


Hey sister GA Peach...
Thank you Thank you thank you!
You got me cheesing over here.

What does "Publix" mean?

I think my girl looks like Eva only in these pics. If you see her in person you will think she resembles Tisha Campbell, Gina from Martin.


Hey Laura...
Thanks hun, its aight, we all have our busy seasons.
Me of all people know this for sure!

Oh word? You gon' cook for me?


Hey sister Alli...
Was I? I was soo happy... my friends really made my day special.





Hey Brother Buck...
Thank you kindly...
I try .

Georgiapeach said...

Publx is a popular grocery store down her. There cakes are really good, and they look like that.

TRUTHZ said...

enjoy each and every day....girl do the dang thing and do it right so you will have no regrets

JenellyBean said...

GA Peach....

Ohhhh okie... Now I know to stay away from Publx when I visit ATL this summer.



Hey Truthz....

I definately have been enjoying being 21 (despite my present situation)

Miss. Z said...

Happy waaaay belated birthday! Looks like you had alotta fun though & you look really pretty. :] The big TWO o.


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