May 17, 2006

Whoever said You Really Reap What You Sow?

Women ♀ constitute ½ the worlds population
Perform nearly 2/3 of it's work hours
Receive 1/10 of the worlds income
And own less than 1/100 of the worlds property

--United Nations


Georgiapeach said...

Men are so unappreciative!

JenellyBean said...


Aint that the TRUTH

You know what bothers me most?

Men don't often give women the credit they deserve for their sucess...

There are so many "Great" men, because they had a strong woman standing behind them handling all the other non-manly things, like cooking and cleaning and taking care of the children.

When you think about all the time that these things consume of a womans life, had the husband been sharing in all of them, he wouldn't have soo much time to put towards spending time in a lab coming up with this formula, or sitting in his study developing that theory.
If he was changing diapers, do you think he could have traveled the ocean blue and discovered new lands?

Of course NOT!!

But what do women get?


TRUTHZ said...

always so deep...get it gurl...speak the knowlege they be missing

lyre said...

it is s fact of life that is so hard for progressive women to face. Men rule the world. America is no different. Wars! Outbreaks! Famine and disease! All caused by men. Women nurture and love. but unfortunately we dont control our men. The Amazons had it best. mate and then kill them. That is about all they are good for. Oh and loosening a stuck bottlecap. I say ler's stage a protest and stop having relations with men. Okay maybe not to that extremme....:-))

Stephen Bess said...

Damn men!

Georgiapeach said...

SO very TRUE Jenell.

JenellyBean said...

Can you email me so I can have your email.
(You have a noreply blogger so I can't send you an email here and there like I do with everyone else)


You buggin!
No matter how much 'ish we talk about men, we can't live without them!


Brother Stephen...
You DAMN right! >:o



GA Peach...

Only try to speak the truth Ma...Its sooo unfair.

And us Black women have a Triple Jeopordy!!! Not a double a TRIPLE.

This is the Caste system that exists here in terms of the White and Black race:

White man
White Woman
Black man
Black woman

RACE and Gender sets us back!!!

We are nowhere equal to White woman and that is what people forget not ALL women are equal eventhough ALL women are oppressed.

ibrahim said...

that's true but you know that the UN hires more women then men now.

TRUTHZ said...

lyre said...


TRUTHZ said...

where are you, i thought i was the MIA queen, you gots me beat...okay maybe not. hope all is well...forwardmovement at all times

Hunnie said...

who would have thought :-(


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