December 11, 2006

CAUTION: Deer Crossing

Oh My Lord!

Tell me why yesterday when I got onto the back road of my campus, a DEER jumped onto the road and then off on the other side??

You don't understand how shook I was.

So I took a left at the light to get onto the back road that leads onto my campus and I had my Destiny's Child 8 Days of Christmas CD on blast.

I started bopping my head to the tune and I started to pick up speed because I had just made a left, right?


When I saw the massive animal jump onto the road standing as high as my Ford Explorer, I almost fainted, but I kept my composure, and I stepped on the brakes with all the might in my size 9 foot.

The deer didn't even look at me, so I didn't get to see what a "deer caught in headlights" looks like--trust me, I'm not mad about that!

When my heart starting pumping again I took my foot off the brake and drove to my dorm very slowly...

When you hit a deer, your whole car is mangled and if I didn't have good sense, I might have swerved and gone into the woods or something.

"THANK YOU LORD", is all I could say.


Wendy said...

There all kinds of animals in the roads down here. But I drive slow all the time. I may just harm a pinky toe.LOL.. I try to avoid hitting them but I am not thrusting my car into oncoming traffic or anything for them.Thank God that you are okay and that he was watching out for both of you.

Luke Cage said...

Whew! Close call there luv. The deer population is prominent in northern Virginia too. So true.. after you've had your brush with an accident after missing a deer running in front of you, oh yeah... the nerves are a little shook. I'm just glad that a sista is okay!

fallen angel said...

GIRL!!!! you gotta be careful about that stuff! they say that more people actually die trying to AVOID the deer when they're in accidents like that!

Alli said...

Sometimes these situations are unavoidable. It's either you or the deer. Years ago we were driving in Northern Ontario (Canada) out of nowhere a moose appeared. There was no chance of not hitting him. We were travelling about 120kms. The entire front end of my mother-in-laws car was wrecked. This was on a busy highway. The moose was killed , we were shaken but fine. The car wrecked.....


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