July 6, 2009


Being on vacation has been great thus far.

I've been pampering myself to pedicures and manicures each week.
I've been utilizing the FREE movie tickets on my Optimum rewards card. So far I've seen Transformers, The Taking of Pelham 123 and I'm going to see Public Enemies.

I've also been getting in contact with friends and family I've been too busy to call throughout the year.

I've been working out at the gym faithfully, everyday. I've decided I want to go back down a few pounds. I know I'm not fat, but I have lost lot's of muscle tone in my arms, legs and abs. So I'm increasing my cardio and eating more fruits and veggies to balance my diet.

I hope to lose 10-15 pounds before the end of the summer. Think I can do it?

Check out my Inspiration:


Brittbreezy said...

now that's a inspirational pic lol
you should follow me on blogger i'll keep you updated

JenellyBean said...

I Love me some Bey!

We can follow eachother.

Wendy said...

Hey you! Long time.... I'm glad that you are enjoying your vacation, wedding planning and life in general. Keep doing what you are, you look great and I am so happy for you! Take care gurlie!

Johnny Brash said...

If you get to look like B you will be knocked up by the end of today by your man lol

JenellyBean said...


Thanks for checking in on me. I've been by your spot a few times, but didn't hear from you.

As much as I've been working out I better look good! Thanks for noticing.

As good as I look now I should be knocked up. LOL
If I looked like Bey, my fiance would be the one with problems. :-D
Thanks for stopping by, make sure to follow me.


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