July 26, 2009

The Busy Bee

I've been on vacation since July 26, 2009 @ 3:00pm and my vacation continues through to Sept. 8th, 2009 8:00am.

Inspite of all the free time I have to just lay down and rest, I find myself constantly trying to do something. I've always been this way so this is nothing new to me, but I wonder if there are others like me out there that must be doing things or must be involved in some way.

Everyday in my life is an adventure, because I'm always finding something new to do--Literally.

I'm a teacher, so my workday begins at 6 and ends at 3. I also tutor during the year and I'm in graduate school.

In looking at what I've been doing this month of my vacation I was shocked to see how busy I've kept myself. I've spoken to co workers and when I ask them how their summer is going they say things like "I'm relaxing a lot!" or "I've been taking it easy" But then when they ask me I find myself saying "I've been so busy!"
I had to make a list to see just how busy I am--I was shocked!

I tutor.

I intern for Real Artist Management company a few days a week.

I'manage a rap duo, E.B.B. & F.L.O.W.

I signed up to volunteer with NY Cares.

I assist an elderly woman 2 days a week in this new business I'm launching with my Mother in Law to be.

I write blogs.

I workout in the gym everyday.

I go to the movies on Tuesdays with my cousin.

I spend time reading and responding to blogs everyday.

I find time to support friends and family at their events/parties, bbqs.

I am planning my wedding.

I'm preparing for a cruise to the Bahamas next month.

Boy am I busy!


Luv said...

JB, when are you cruising??? I am cruising next month as well. It is long over due.

I am also very busy and while i won't list all that I am doing on your page, I will say this--stay balanced so that you don't get overwhelmed or burnt out.

I often feel that I am doing so much to help others that I don't have anything left for me...partly why I decided to start back blogging... it relaxes my mind and releases the toxins from my body

RocNaija said...

Sounds like you're not just a busy bee..
You're the Queen bee..
A rap group as well?! Interesting..

QueenBee said...

A Queen bee...maybe..THE Queen Bee, sorry that title has been taken. (smiles of course)..it's good that you are keeping yourself busy instead of staring at the four walls, that will drive you crazy. Enjoy doing what you do and make it work for ya.

BlakIzBeautyful said...
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JenellyBean said...

Hey Luv

I set sail on the 17th - 21st.
Oh no, i dont want burnout.


Yep a rap group E.B.B. & F.L.OW.
Check em out.


When he said that I thought of u!
You carry that title very well.


Alli said...

It's good to be busy, but don't extend yourself to the point you don't have time for you.
I had a lot of things on the go but I had to let them go through my current situation. But i still try and volunteer my time at Community Services at the food bank etc...
I was recently asked to join a committee to help with restructuring some aspects of the welfare of children in the Congo, be it through education, medicine by working to provide the necessary things to help facilitate change. I can't give 100% at the moment..but do what i can...
Alli xx

JenellyBean said...


I just can't sit still, but time for me is a must. Thats why I hit the gym everyday and movies once a week and spend QT with my Coco Puff!

~ Lady Liz ~ said...

Superwoman - Mighty Woman - Idol time is the devils playground (old schools saying) -- It's good to be busy, gives you a feeling of satisfaction. I hate to be ordinanry - work, home, church, etc...Have to mix it up - be above average - extraordinary!! I love a R&R when I work for it!

Love It!!


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