August 26, 2009

Keeping It Healthy Wednesday

Keep Your Skin Glowing

I've been hearing a lot about eating berries. I'm really not a berry person, sure I'll eat strawberries, but that's rare. I love strawberry flavored drinks, but my fruits of choice are mangoes, pineapples, apples, and grapes. You can always find these in my home.

Recently I've been adding frozen berries to my smoothies and aside from the hard seeds, its not bad at all (with a little brown sugar).

Berries are rich in antioxidants and they are so good for your skin.

I found an article that discusses berries and the benefits antioxidants provide. Antioxidants help to make your skin glow. They also prevent thinning of the skin, when your skin begins getting thinner, the wrinkles show. To help your body heal faster, which is helpful when treating acne, get your fill of berries for their anti-oxidant benefits, especially cranberries, pomegranate and blueberries. Antioxidant-rich foods help fight free radicals, which are one of the ways cells get out of control, before they damage skin cells.

Antioxidant-rich foods have been shown to help prevent cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, and some forms of cancer; their consumption aids in holistic well being, which includes, of course, our largest organ: The epidermis. Most legumes, fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, but red beans, pinto beans, blueberries, cranberries and artichokes top the list.

Source: Healthy Living


Alli said...

I constantly have berries and all kinds of fresh fruit in my house. I could exist on those alone....
Blueberries are an excellent antioxidant

Love you JB....
Alli xx

JenellyBean said...


How did you get into Berries?

That wasn't something found in my home when I was growing up so I never aquired a taste for them.

QueenBee said...

I remember when I was younger and my grandmother would make a blackberry cobbler. It was good then but I don't even eat that now, but I just like the plain blackberries without all the other stuff.

Luv said...

i don't really do berries because it's so hard for me to tell when they are ripe or over ripe.. what do you put in your smoothies..just fruit??

but i ate a bunch of berries on the cruise

JenellyBean said...


That cobbler sounds good.


I don't buy the berries fresh. I buy them frozen. They sell packs of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries alltogether.

My smoothie recipe is as follows.
1 cup light vanilla soy milk
1 scoop chocolate coconut protein (any protein you enjoy will do)
1 cup frozen berries (or any fruits)
1 tbs ground Flaxseed
1 tbs brown sugar
4 large ice cubes
(add a little water if too thick while blending)


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