August 8, 2009

Daddy's ALWAYS right, right? #3

You may want to read Daddy's ALWAYS right, right? #1 and Daddy's ALWAYS right, right? #2 before you read this one to help you understand the series.

Your choice. No pressure.

My father celebrated his birthday on Friday and I called him on Wednesday to ask him if he was doing anything so that I could come and spend time with him. He lives on Staten Island and I live in Brooklyn. In order to get to my dads house, I have to cross the Verazzano bridge. There is a $12 toll on this bridge!!! This keeps me from traveling to Staten Island often.

My father knows that Coco Puff and I have been really tight with spending money because we are paying for our wedding, we have student loans along with our normal bills, and we are saving for a home. All of this makes me not drive much to save gas and also paying $12 tolls is out of the question.

Like I said I called him on Wednesday to see what plans were made for Friday.

Hey daddy! What you got going on over there for your big day?

Hey...Well nothing much, I'm just gonna invite a few of the guys over to sit with me

(That means they are gonna get their drink on, my pops is old school. Pinky ring with top hat and brandy in a short glass)

Well I wanted to come and spend some time with you, but you know that toll is a killer. And Coco Puff and I are coming down there on Saturday too, for Angel's BBQ. So I was wondering if you could meet me right off the bridge?

(My dad has a business EZPass which allows him to cross bridges and tunnels and bypass tolls. His business pays the bill. All he would have to do is drive 6 minutes from his house to pick me up across the bridge.)

Meet you across... well I wont be having.... uhhhh, what time were you thinking?

(Why is this man studdering?? I'm asking him to help me out so I can come spend time with him on his birthday and he's acting like I asked him to cosign on a loan.)

Maybe 4 or 5, you can let me know which is best for you.

Alright, we will see.

Now let me tell you that my father is the type to get upset that you didn't come see him and hold it against you in the future. When he brings this up, because he will, I'll make sure to remind him of how he was studdering when I asked him to come and get me!


Anonymous said...

awww i love ur "daddy's always right, right" series.!!
reminds me of my dad.

RocNaija said...

Thing is though..
It makes sense for you on so many levels..
Cash-wise, gas-wise, plus you get to see him and your friend.

But he gets dragged away from his friends.. Hmm..

☆Reese✮ said...

Aw, at least you wanted to go spend time with him! That lil' 6 min drive wouldn't hurt, AND it saves YOU money?
Lol, Dad's a trip!

Luv said...

that is too cute...well hopefully you got to spend time with him when u went up for the que

QueenBee said...

And since he is old skool, um, does he have a diamond in the back with a sun roof top and digging the scene like a gangsta about a deuce and a quarter. hahaha

JenellyBean said...


It makes too much sense that my father doesn't understand
*rolls eyes*
He's so difficult.


Yea we hung out at the BBQ yesterday.



Chic Mama said...

Arghhh- you can never get it right with parents can you! You did your best, many children wouldn't even bother.

MOMSWEB said...

This reminds me of the show Father Knows Best - old, old, old show.


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